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Boys in Striped Shirts

By FringeAgent


Welcome to Mother-Fan-4Life Home Page, where the admins are friendly, the members are crazy, and the art is fantastic. This group exists because we want to share our fantastic art and to see art of one of the most amazing game franchises in history: Earthbound/Mother.

So relax, enjoy your stay.

Wanna Join?

:bulletred: Of course you can! Membership is open to anyone, our only requirement being love of Mother/Earthbound and the willingness to express that love in form of your own art, or as a valuable positive critique of others' art. So please, click that Join Now button and become part of one of the largest Mother/Earthbound communities!



:bulletblue: Please place art in appropriate folders!
:bulletblue: Rate it properly! Does it have mature content that some people may be uncomfortable with? Make sure the younger ones can't see it! Rate it properly.
:bulletblue: Respect other members' art
:bulletblue: DO NOT submit an image/art piece twice!
:bulletblue: This group ONLY focuses on Mother/Earthbound-themed art! Art that is irrelevant NOT part of the franchise will not be accepted.
:bulletblue: HAVE FUN! : D or else!


:bulletred: Comments? Concerns? Direct them to the admins via notes or comments box. We would be glad to be of your assistance!

:thumb117911332:Kumatora and Duster by DisfiguredStickPork walk by DisfiguredStickSalsa by PixeldixMr. Saturn by eXtremeLink859Ninten Walking Animated by ShinFurevindoClaus Dance by DakkPasseridaLucas Earthbound Style by browniebrown

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Group Info

Welcome to

Its a group for Mother fans everywhere !! :'D

(Next to :iconmotherbound-fc: :iconmother-fans: :iconurfbownd: and :iconthe-world-of-mother:).

We contribute the famous RPG called Mother.
Mother was the first game in the series and known in the US as Earthbound Zero,the second and the best game in Nintendo history is Earthbound, or Mother 2 in Japan.
Earthbound was a high rising game since its glory days, but like every great game, they end up in history's vault. Earthbound stay at the top and will be famous until the end.

Lastly, the final game in the series is Mother 3, but it wasn't releasee due to Reggie Fils-Amie stupidity for a Production balance on NoA(Nintendo of America).
Some say we waste our energy to contribute this old game but it worth it to remember the best RPG game ever.

If you've never played Earthbound and want to, and Ebay are both excellent places to buy SNES's and cartridges. Usually has loads of links to fresh Earthbound buys. If you're broke...there are still ways to play the game. Just look around!
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Oct 2, 2010


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Makes you want to cry


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Hello visitor! I hope you enjoy our group if you want to join, the invitation is free. To sign up, just click the Join button in the top right!

Our Goal of Member List: .Almost all the world population... XD Just kidding, all Mother/Earthbound fan everywhere, though! We'd love to have you!
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Hello MOTHER-fan-4life member. This is your founder speaking. It is been almost a year or two since my last update. I been busy doing a lot of work. I wish i was a kid again, being eighteen years old teen is a drag. Why complaint when it is only temporary. How are you all and what all of you been doing? I see there are a lot of submission of Mother/Earthbound related work for this group. I hope for more submission in the near future. Be sure to invite other deviant you know to join this group and submit their art here. It really boost our group activity.

So without wasting your time here is the announcement.

The Mother 4 fan game are about to release at winter this year. I know is not official Nintendo game but these people work hard for making this game. These people followed the legacy of Shigesato Itoi (The Creator of Mother 1,Earthbound and Mother 3) left after the development of Mother 3. Be sure to enter your e-mail here at so they can notify you when it released.

In other news. SSB4 for the 3DS are about to release at North America next month. So Brawler out there, be ready.The sad part about it that Earthbound character did not revealed at the SSB4 official website. I was hoping for Ninten to be reveal and fighting along side with Ness and Lucas. Maybe next time i guess. Why Nintendo,Why.

Speaking of Nintendo. I am now a Pokemon fan. Yes you heard me Mother-fan-4life member. I am officially a Pokemon Trainer. I been playing Pokemon in my past time, I found my old childhood again. I remembered how i liked Pokemon since i was 4 or 5 years old. Watching the anime every morning in the weekend. Ah memories. I currently playing Pokemon Y and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity. I played past Pokemon games like Red,Crystal and other. Even side games. Add me to your 3DS Friends list, here is my Friends code : 0018-2517-7080 Jr . Message me your code so i can add you. We can trade and battle but i am not good and i have less Legendary and one Shiny (not bragging but that only i got)

Anyway i am also a Pokemon Preacher. I am part of a Pokemon Religion called PokéTheism under the Church of Mewsus Christ. Is like Christianity but with Pokemon.
Lord Arceus is God, Mew is the Son of Arceus and refer to as Mewsus Christ and so on and so forth. I preach the Holy word of Lord Arceus and His Son every day or sometime every Sunday. Be sure to follow me at . Also at Tumblr

Lord Arceus and Mewsus Christ bless you always.

Lastly for this Group. Since i might not check this group for a little while. I need new Co-Founders and Contributors. I need someone or a group of people to manage the group while i am gone. I am searching for good and an active member to handle this group.  To sign up, message me via my deviantART account

Here's what you need to tell me.
1. Tell me what is your Contribution for this group?
2. How often are you online?
3. Can you manage this group in fair and acceptable action? (organize the submission folder and voting for an art to be feature at the feature folder)
4. Can you handle stress (just in case).
5. Can you handle the blog area. Only Mother/Earthbound topic. You can make it as a debating area or a news area for any related topic for this group,Nintendo, gaming and most importantly Mother/Earthbound.

1. You must be a member at lease one week
2. Know about Earthbound. At lease played it once and beat it. Though i recommend you play all of the game.
3. Can communicate with other people well. Don't use foul language.
4. Have free time. Don't skip school or work. That is more important.

The result i will announce when my decision is final so there are a lot of time to sign up but i limit my finding to 16 people. 8 for Co-Founder and 8 for Contributor.

Thank you for your time and remember. Mother/Earthbound For the WIN!
Talk to you all next time. I am so sorry if any of my grammar are wrong, i am in a hurry.                                    
                                                                        ~Muhammadin, Founder
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